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Assisting leaders, managers develop people strategies and skills in a changing world  



Is an experienced people specialist whose activities are based on assisting in the improvement of engagement between organisations and their people together; with providing pathways for management development in acquiring key skills that are required in a complex and ever changing business environment.


For those who doubt the impact of poor engagement with their people are greatly mistaken. In my opinion It is becoming a critical key to a business’s sustainability and future success.

Ken Wood
People Specialist


Today we hear a lot of talk about innovation in our organisations mostly these discussions are centred on technical and operational changes. There is another type of innovation that urgently needs to be considered and in our opinion involves the management of companies and people.

With such rapid change occurring in our world in a relatively short space of time it is time to embrace the new challenges that confront business.

Generally for decades Maslow’s Theory has been used working on the principles of obedience, diligence and intellect when discussing human behaviours in the workplace. These factors can be now considered as commodities and can be bought on the open market anywhere around the world, not necessarily enhancing competitiveness.

It is becoming clear that today other factors also need to be considered such as initiative, human creativity and passion which are important in a modern environment. Surveys reveal that only just over 50% of people bring their creative abilities into the workplace causing the inability for companies to grow efficiently and effectively.

The ability to adopt and embrace these new principles including how you engage, collaborate and consult with your people will determine the future success of your business.


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Our company has had an association with Ken for several years.  I initially met Ken through The Executive Connection and he was a great mentor for me.  After my TEC years, Ken has continued to play a critical in our business in our recruitment.  If anyone has tried to win a position in our company, they would know that Fort Knox would be an easier target, compared to our recruitment process.  Ken has been at the vanguard of our recruitment for several years and our collaboration has been highly successful with outstanding results in the selection and retention of key staff.  Ken is a world citizen, yet despite that does not lose sight of his humble beginnings. His ability to interact with an enormous range of people is exceptionally strong, and he changes gears effortlessly adapting to all sorts of personality types from all sorts of backgrounds with absolute ease.  His ability to read people is exceptional.  I recommend Ken wholeheartedly.

Jim Moularadellis

Chief Enthusiasm Officer, Austwine
I have worked with Ken in preparing for and facilitating Strategic planning workshops with mutual clients and have always found Kens skills and ability to challenge management in their strategic thinking with his open and honest approach.  And this has helped their businesses find new direction and develop sound plans

Scott McKay

Flywheel Advisory
Ken is the best facilitator that I've experienced in 20 years of my working life. His passion for helping people and firms succeed delivers almost immediately in real results. Ken has a great touch with people and tremendous practical experience.

Fairuz Asli

Sheridans Accountants & Financial Planners
In the past twenty years I have been actively involved in the development of business leaders - firstly as a lecturer of strategy in university business management education programs and subsequently as the Chair of TEC CEO groups.  It has been a privilege for me to share much of that journey with Ken Wood. He has brought passion and deep intellect to the development of effective managers and leaders. In particular, Ken has successfully translated his practical and relevant experiences into very specific learnings for all of the people with whom he has interacted and delivers his wisdom with great clarity and professionalism. I would be very happy to recommend Ken as an outstanding management educator.

Jim Landau

Chair TEC 46 & KEY 102

Ken’s approach to training is very practical and he is focussed on our business needs

Deb Kuhl

Coordinator Timberlink Australia
Ken Wood has helped me in many ways over the years. He has worked on Workplace process change, business, commercial and personal advice for me. I have found Ken to be reliable, astute and effective and value our relationship greatly.

Wes Pickering

Director, MTDATA Solutions
I am pleased to confirm that I have known Ken Wood for a number of years and consider him to be very experienced in the areas of implementation and facilitation of workplace change. It is a subject Ken is passionate about and I have seen firsthand evidence of his expertise. Ken has vast knowledge of his subject, he has written a number of publications about workplace change and has an international reputation as a speaker on this subject. I have no hesitation in commending him to you

Rosey Batt

Rosey Batt & Associates Legal & Consulting
It has been my pleasure to work with Ken Wood for the past six years in his roles as a TEC Chair and as a TEC Speaker. Ken is one of those rare human beings who devotes his entire attention to the person he is speaking with. As such, he is able to quickly get to the root of any situation and offer thoughtful suggestions with great impact. His ability to truly listen and quickly analyse is why he is also a fantastic group facilitator with skill in drawing the issues out of a diverse and challenging audience. Above all else, Ken is a man who brings joy to everything he does, and he readily shares this joy with those around him

Rebecca Toczek

The Executive Connection Australia & NZ
Ken’s ability to identify the key issues-addressing the cause not the symptoms therefore getting to the heart of the matter. He has been able to draw out issues from our director group and enable us to once again take ownership. A strong facilitator and mentor who easily develops trust with a diverse range of people. He has a unique proactive approach to problem solving rather than damage control. As a result of Ken’s involvement in our business he has enabled us to get on the front foot with issues that had they not been addressed, would otherwise have restricted the growth of our business. Our business has had consistent strong growth through our involvement with Ken and he has been a key component in making this happen in spite of a difficult economic climate.

Stuart Brown

Director, Bartons Chartered Accountants & Wealth Advisors